Friday, May 5, 2017

Even designer genes didn't help me

Thanks to my Greene skinny genes, I've never had to worry about my weight.  Now that I train all year round for my bike rides in Israel, I worry even less. I exercise daily and watch what I eat.  The lighter I am, the less I have to carry when I bike up hills. But all my skinny genes and exercise were almost to no avail on my flight over to Israel on El Al.

I understand all the flight rage going on that has been reported in the news media.  The seats are getting smaller and smaller with less and less leg room.  I felt squished into my aisle seat. What made things even worse, the aisle was narrower too.  I have to admit that many of my fellow pasengers were not as svelte as I am.  Without meaning to, they would brush against me as I was trying to sleep.  Even the food cart rammed into my knee once

I have two recommendations.  First the airliines have to reverse this trend of making us passengers feel like sardines. Give passengers more room especially on long flights. Sqeezing every nickle and dime out of us for an unbearable ride is just criminal.  Secondly, to all my fellow frum co-travelers, you need to loose weight by dieting and exercising. Rambam taught a healthy soul needs a healthy body.  You will feel better and there is a better chance we all will be able to sleep on the plane.

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