Monday, November 15, 2010

A 90 day freeze

If I were Netaniyahu, I would acquiesce to the United States request to freeze all settlement building for 90 more days.  Why go out of your way to anger your most important and sometime only ally in the world?  This would certainly create some good will with the United States and a little good will can go a long way. 

I don't understand why the onus of the break down of the peace talks is always Israel's fault.  There is enough blame to go around to both sides.  For example, the last settlement building freeze lasted 10 whole months and even though Jerusalem was excluded from the freeze building didn't go on there either.  The Palestinians didn't come to the table until the 9th month and then time ran out.  What did they expect after 10 months of restraint expired?

I would agree to halt all construction, but I would jump up and down and exclaim every day the Palestinians are procrastinating: "I am ready to negotiate.  Unfortunately, the Palestinians have yet come to the negotiating table and there is only "x" amount of days left before building resumes.  Why won't they meet with me now, when there is still time?"  Wouldn't it be grand if the President echoed those sentiments? 

Let's put the Palestinians on the defensive and if the negotiations come to naught let the world see who truly is at fault.

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