Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well I made it safe and sound

Going through security in the middle of October instead of the middle of the summer with thousands of teenagers was a breeze.  I don't remember making it through the lines so quickly.  The plane ride was uneventful and I was able to sleep on and off for about 5 hours.

When we landed I hooked up with 3 fellow riders, one from West Hartford and a couple from Boston who has children Roni and Asaf's age.  It turns out they all went to Solomon Schechter together.  The Jewish world is indeed small, but as Steven Wright once said, "I still wouldn't want to paint it."  Getting to Jerusalem took a while.  We had to wait for the people from Hazon to pick up our bikes and then we had to wait until the sherut, a kind of taxi, had a full compliment of passengers.  Of course I was the last person to be dropped off.

I am staying with my friends the Rodmans.  Being with Miriam and Peretz is always a treat.  They fed me royally and we caught up quickly.  Their daughter Noa was in Jerusalem with her army staff which she is their commander.  Noa has a really important job working with new recruits who have social issues.  I saw her briefly for 30 seconds.

I'm off to the showers for the sake of all humanity and then it's lights out.  Hopefully I will get onto an Israeli cycle quickly in a timely fashion for my bike ride.

Good night and sweet dreams from Jerusalem.

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